Prayer- what matters to you

This is my prayer – more so now as I am getting closer to 40.

I pray to be really clear about my priorities. Be really clear on how much time I’m investing on what and why.

Be clear on who gets my time and attention.

One thing that I am clear about is my family.

I am clear about my marriage , it really matters a lot. I am clear about the relationship with my children , it’s the most important thing on earth.

I am clear about serving / working – not sure how this looks like some days – especially because it demands a lot of time and might lead to a compromise to the quality of relations I have with my family. So this is not just a post , but a prayer. I am learning how to pace myself in this area. I am learning to say NO – I learned this week how fulfilling and also painful this is. This is because I am genuinely a people pleaser. I am learning to count my blessings , I did after all , make a hay whilst the sun shone.

On the area of serving / working – I pray to be able to breathe and give myself permission to continuously say NO.

I pray to be open to the lessons the Lord would have me learn and decisions that the Lord would have me take.

I want my daily actions and decisions to reflect things that really matter to me.

What matters to you