How a simple seed helped me think better about my 2021

Starting 2021 after such a rough 2020 may feel very overwhelming, I am coming to realise that even so , I have to put some effort into intentional living – I cannot throw the toys out just yet .

I am learning on day 1 that I have to be kind enough to accept that the view from the past only confirms the fear and that the future has so much uncertainty.

The space between the scary , painful past and the overwhelming uncertainty is called faith. Having faith to trust that God our creator has our back even during the hard circumstances , having faith to believe that we are on this earth for a reason. I have to believe, no matter the circumstances, that all things will work together for my good.

Here is the word that is encouraging me today . Psalm 139:16 – this scripture talks about the fact that the days of our life were written in the book of life – way before we were born, God knew us and He ordained a plan for all the days of our lives , whether we have a pandemic or not. Gods plan about our lives remains.

This understanding helped me realise that surrendering what I have no control over will be the biggest ask from all of us again in 2021.

As someone who loves planning and writing down – I asked myself a simple question – what do I have control over ? And what is it that I can do with what I can do ? The best place to start for me was the garden – sowing a seed and seeing it grow is one of the earths most amazing wonders. So I planted a few seeds today because I said – a few months from today I would love to have the following in my garden.

I first put my focus on what I love and am good at – an approach I will be using for all things in 2021. Basil, beetroot, rocket and tomatoes – these are my all stars. I also had to consider new items to explore and keep my creativity going , so I took up sunflowers, daisies (because I adore them) and marog!! Included in my seeds are the plants that I have attempted and failed growing in the past such as Radish – I know my patience will be tested with these but I have to try again.

This process helped me put a few things into perspective :

  • What is it that I’d love to see/harvest or enjoy seeing its beauty -in a few months
  • What do I have control of – focus on that
  • What is it that I excel on / love growing – stick to it
  • What’s new and exciting to add to my basket – allow growth – make things exciting
  • What is it that is challenging or I have failed on the past – try it again ( there is no pressure to do this again)

I hope this simple gardening process helps you to keep things simple in 2021!

May you prosper and remain in Gods loving grace ❤️

Seeds of plants I would like to harvest in a few months time
I excel in this
A new explore
Second try
A new explore