Cooking experiences during Covid

Listen !!!! I am so proud of myself , we are on day 35 and I can look back with so much pride. Before this I didn’t know that I was capable of creating nutritious meals for my family for 35 days straight . We talking 3 good meals a day and never once did I fail them . So I will wait for that mother of the Covid award everybody !!!

I basically had to find what works . Some nights I would defrost whatever I am preparing for the next day. I think the first 21 days were the hardest because I was very tight scheduled , strict and just didn’t want to drop the ball. But I believe after that I became more confident on my abilities and I also realized that I was being too hard on myself . So I took things slightly easier . Instead of making a full breakfast for everyone I just prepared corn flakes 🤷🏿‍♀️something I am not used to but everyone improvised and honestly everyone has been good team members and very grateful for all the trouble I got through .

Even in this state of uncertainty, I am just grateful for a moment to pause and show up for my family in a manner that would have been completely impossible had it not been for COVID .

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