Gardening- I didn’t realize it’s been 18 , 19? how many days again since the lockdown 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

Time flies amid the lockdown

It’s unbelievable how I assumed that the lockdown meant more time , plenty of time to do what I love , to clean up and do extra tasks that I have been meaning to do .

I was completely wrong , by day 12 I was wondering what happened to all the time ?

The garden suffered neglect and I managed to work on it by day 18. The soil was so hard considering we have had a lot of rain for the past few weeks then more sunlight . Working the soil was like working on stones and I found myself regretting why I haven’t touched it for so long.

Nonetheless I endured the six hours hard work and came out with a nicer looking and better feeling garden .

Tomatoes 🍅

I am growing tomatoes for the second time around and I did a bit of research on Pinterest. I learned that trimming the tree is important to avoid food poisoning. Building a trellis is something I have been wanting to do and guess what ? I made a plan with my old washed stockings – a plaas meisie maak n plan!! The outcome is superb

Carrots 🥕

I didn’t know that letting carrot bush grow taller prevents the sun and all the good stuff from supporting the growth . Sounds like common sense now but in the past I would just let these be.

I did a nice trim on the bush and replanted the carrots to allow good spacing . I think in the future I will space the seedlings to avoid the replanting task . Maybe , I don’t know 🤷🏿‍♀️

Overall I am very happy with the progress of the garden and I must say I have harvested more during this lockdown than I ever did in the past. All my lettuce , spinach and herbs that I have used for the past 20 days come from the garden.

I want to promise myself that I will take a few hours a week and spend time in my garden ??. I need it , something different and helps me relax. Perhaps I must put it as part of my routine??

How clean doe this tomatoes and carrot 🥕 bed look ! Amazing 😉

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