No matter what ! 28 Days Program

I love SELF – DEVELOPMENT and my most recent investment has been with Lisa Nichols. I am doing her No Matter What 28 days program and I am so glad it was brought to my attention.

Now I have not been a great fan of formal programs in the past and I didn’t know why. But I got to a point where I became desperate to turn my mind , my mental state and my energy around . I further realized that I have been doing programs all my life , through books , group discussions , church , women’s forums etc . Somehow I was and always am seeking ways to become better and become the best version of myself , in every season. So I decided to see that everything and anything that I have been engaged in with the hope of transforming my life , is a program of sort. Formal or informal , it matters not , the intention is always to get better , and I really love that .

This program specifically, has helped me find numerous revealing details about myself, my past and the person I am becoming and I am in awe.

It also met me when I identified the season I am in, which is aligned to my scripture for 2020 which is John 5:1-9 and so I am literally receiving a revelation every day .

This is a time and point in my life where I realize the need to outgrow what I have learned . Unlearn , shift and reset … it’s a natural and ongoing process of life and I can specifically remember doing the same process not as intense though , in my twenties

It’s called growth

It is all a necessary exercise , I have to work on myself in order for me to effectively touch lives …

So here are some of my favorite questions she’s making me ask myself

What are you protecting ?

What are you proving ?

What are you hiding ?

What are you defending ?

It’s basically a discovery and a question of who am I , today ?

Oprah added a few questions too

What are you blocking ?

What are you resisting ?

What are you not allowing ?

Why are you not leaning into the dream that’s already been created for you ?

There is a common denominator on the answers that I have been giving and they are all linked to the fact that after 36 years of life , just like a man sitting by the pool of Bethsaida I expect the water to bubble up . All you know is that your freedom , your salvation , your redemption , your healing , your next step would have occurred only if you could jump into the bubbling water and only if there was a kind somebody to “ help “ you !

It’s as if we look at our lives from a rear view mirror ! Only if this would happen … then maybe I could !!! I can hear myself saying this so many times already !

But lo and behold , your healing and growth will come only if you stand up, pick up your mat and walk.

This is a time when the redemption has nothing to do with anything that is outside of yourself. Meaning your savior is already with you , He did promise to BE with you . There are five porches at Bethsaida , that means Grace was always there and this confirms that the grace of God is still with us.

The purpose of Bethsaida I believe is to remind us that it doesn’t matter how your community , your neighbors, your friends received their breakthroughs. Whether other kids made it through bursaries and you didn’t , it matters not. Whether your friends are from a well to do family or not , that matters not. Fact is , your breakthrough has nothing to do with what you have seen people experience and the scripture is an exact depiction of what literary happens when we are in midlife !!!!

I know beyond a shadow of doubt that there is a specific reason why the number in years is mentioned . And there is also a reason why specific instructions were given .

Stand up – This means focus on the your strength. By the time you reach midlife , you have pretty much figured out your strengths , and there is sometimes a luring temptation that you can still change your weaknesses, invest and transform . At this stage of life , you ought to stand in your strength . So your better know it and know it very well

Your approach to life , problems , sickness ought to come from a position of your strength and not your weaknesses . This is something that will determine how you handle midlife and life afterwards.

By this time , you have done all you can , seen all you can but now it’s time to take that shot . Yes you know your blind spots and are very much aware and confident of your weaknesses but now you step forward in your strength because He promised that where we are weak , He is strong

So stop wasting time trying to change your weaknesses. This is the time where you understand Paul when he says , he gave me a thorn to keep me humble. Your weakness are a reason and a reminder to say , you are not an island , you need family , you need partnership , if you want to get anything done in life , team up with someone to compliment your weaknesses

Pick up your mat – means get out of the place of comfort!!! The Bible says he picked up his sleeping mat .

There comes a point in life where you realize that if you are going to achieve anything at all , you must be prepared to be uncomfortable. If you are in your mid thirties and haven’t yet made peace with this , you have trouble coming your way

You must get out of your comfort zone or else nothing will ever happen for you . You must accept that you will win some and lose some and in fact learn the strategy of managing a career , being a mom to a 4 year old , whilst trying to teach a grade 1 student , welcome growing in marriage and it’s challenges , whilst at the same time trying to get a proffessional qualification and don’t forget , remaining a daughter and a sister too !!!!!

No one is going say okay , we are going to hold the clock for you , whilst you go study , your mom will stay younger she won’t get sick , no one will hold time whilst you are following your passion . In the midst of it all, life will happen . People will die , jobs will be lost , children will be born , joy will be experienced , happiness will abound

It is a mixture of it all and it is all uncomfortable and the sooner you realize that about life the better chances of thriving you will have

Lisa Nichols says “ your convenience and conviction don’t live on the same street”

Walk !!! – You must walk . Every successful person that I have watched and listened to said “ I kept going” you have to walk towards your dream . You have to move , you might not be certain of the destiny but the breakthrough in life comes when we take the first step !!!

It’s time to stop waiting for water to bubble up . God says I have a different method for you , do you want to get well ?

I personally felt the Lord asking me this , are you willing to see yourself differently are you willing to see the outcome in a different form and view even if it’s something you have never see before ? Or even if it’s not how you imagined it ?

Do you want to get healed ? Be confident = Stand up , Get uncomfortable and walk !!

“We must always relocate our possibilities “ Lisa Nichols

So I took a bold step and changed my hair color. I wake up everyday and walk up to a mirror and I know that I have pressed a RESET button on myself . I am intentionally seeking to find and I am grateful 🙏🏾

Permission to grow = granted !!!!

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