Reflections 4 : My two big words for 2019


I came across this word whilst reading Adam Grants book , The Originals . The book influenced my understanding and made reference to a book by Clayton M , at first I got the book How to measure your life then I got the Innovators Dilemma on sample

Mr Clayton’s theory motivates me . I love data collectors and researchers . There’s something that picks my fancy when a study was conducted and a conclusion done which influences human behavior

As a result I wrote my sentence using this word. I want to use my influence to be of service , to disrupt poverty, inequality and unemployment!!

Disruptors are innovators and people who change the status quo , they do so using creativity and completely change the game

You can read more on this theory from the books above and be on your way to being a game changer a DISRUPTOR!!!!


Sarah Jakes Roberts named her annual conferences Women Evolve and I am in awe at the evolution that’s been taking place in my life as a result

Been watching the Evolve TV and my life has never been the same . Basically the word has helped me come into grasp that old skins must not carry new wine. There is power in growth , particularly in changing and evolving

So I am evolving and allowing change to break me open. From a farm girl , coming to Jhb, studying , working , now a mother and wife . I have to let go of my old story I tell myself . I must evolve

These two words will continue to stir me up for the next many years to come and this year they definitely disrupted my understanding of game changers and growth


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