27 November

I went to an accounting software training today and during lunch I accidentally met the CEO and founder of the company , Adapt IT

I know for sure that nothing just happens and this was no coincidence

I gave the guy a hard time as I wanted to draw as much from him in the few minutes I had , as much as I could . So I bombarded him with questions to which he humbly obliged

All that I can say is after that chat , I am not okay 😭😭😭

I was just reminded that I am capable of great things and I know I was meant to do something. I definitely have a contract with the earth , the world and people and I know for sure that I am better than the person I am today


The funny part is as I walked into that building this morning I said to myself, mmhhnnnn I’d like to own a building like this some day and I debated in my mind whether leasing wouldn’t be a better choice since putting so much capital into a building might not be the wisest choice …. I concluded the debate with leasing and I saw the link to various properties owned by myself and my children and their children and my gigantic business leasing from their long list of extended interests ….. mmmhhhh I thought

Fast forward to lunch I meet the CEO and founder of this gigantic company which employs over 1000 people !!!

The company is a JSE listed , the CEO is on a R3m annual salary and earned a R1.7m in bonuses alone in 2019 !!! Omg 😳

This made me recall the feeling I had when it was reported that the Shoprite CEO earns approximately R100m p.a, I remember saying to myself .. mhhhnnn that’s the kind of person I am … I belong to that class that turnover that much and even more …. I’m an good like that

So today I am reminded that I am capable and I need to believe in myself even more

I am the best , I am confident and I can do it


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