Lesson 2: Books that impacted my life the most this year

1. Gifts of Imperfections by D.  Brene Brown


This book changed my life and has become the manual from where I try to lead my life daily. There are 13 lessons that Dr. Brene shares about, I managed to reflect on 9 of the 13. You can find out more about these on my blog.

These lessons include :  Do not rush your life, Being flexible with my goals, Open Heart, Letting go of comparison , Letting go of perfectionism , letting go of self-doubt , letting go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth , letting go of the need for certainty , Letting go of anxiety as a lifestyle.

On moments when I feel like I am going back to the gutter, I turn on my audible and listen to a chapter that deals with the issue at hand and I get my mind to be transformed and my perspective becomes transformed


2. How will you measure your life – James Allworth, Clayton M


This books starts with a story of what happens in almost every generation, the success stories and the pitfalls. In fact this books reminds me a lot of a sermon by TDJ “Pressure of life”. It encouraged me to stay on course with my values of integrity, to lead my life within my means and pursue my commitment to my husband and kids no matter what the world says and whether or not loyalty and faithfulness comes out of fashion. I love this book so much I had to share it with most of my friends. It answered my questions, how can I be successful in my career, how to commit and make my marriage commitment be rewarding including extended family and finally, how to lead a life of integrity and stay out of jail.

If you are a driven person, who realizes that indeed the road to heaven if very narrow and suitable for 1 person at a time, yet you feel alone , like you the only one taking the high road. Read this book

I have no doubt that if every Manager in Government used this as part of their coaching package, corruption would reduce drastically. I will be recommending it for many years to come.


3. Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah Winfrey

This book is amazing, a collection of well refined interviews from Super Soul Sundays. This book is very rich with diverse topics and mentors, from Iyanla Vanzant, Gary Zukav. From this book, I discovered many more other books that I have bought and am studying now. I listen to this book at least once a week and I have clocked more than a thousand hours since owning it.

4. Success Commandments( audio=Hollywood Commandments) by Devon Franklin

This book is perfect for our time and generation. Devon uses the word of God to help us navigate the skills set to impact the world that we live in. Devon is unashamed to be a dedicate Christian and his passion for Christ, sense of vision, commitment challenges me to strive being the best at what I do.

Devon gives practical day to day steps on how to be vigilant and use the skills to grow into the person God wants you to be, and his book is relevant for a person working for the church or a president of the country. I will be using this as my coaching pack and I plan to buy each and every one in my team for the December gift.  


Using Audible Books has by been the best decision for my life. In the two hours I spent on the road daily , I use the time wisely and have benefited from this app. So I recommend it for working moms and anyone who spends a bit of time commuting!!!

Please share with me your best reads for the year – I would like to hear 👂

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