Finding role models


You know how we lived among you for your sake. You became IMITATORS of us and of the Lord for you welcomed the message . . . . .  1 Thes 1:5-1

Imitator: someone who copies the behavior or actions of another.

Today I am reflecting on the various role models I am emulating in my life. The bible based church used examples and characters in the bible to shape my outlook in life and the person that I am today.

One of the scriptures that challenged me when I was a teen was when the apostle Peter said to the man by the beautiful gate “look at us”. The evangelist loved challenging us in the context of how we present Christ to the world and so they would ask, in the manner with which you lead your day to day life, would you have confidence to say to someone, look at me and follow me?

I was always encouraged by such sermons and they created a deep yearning to be a good steward of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

So I was thinking at who I have been looking at this stage of my life and what are the actions and behaviors that I desire or have been emulating. . . . Here is my non-South African list. . .

There is a lot of Michelle Obama(55) in me. A woman on a mission, you know that Presidential material J. You look at Michelle and think gooosh she is so serious and you read her book and find the deep sense of identity, sense of knowing and just simple desire to be. Michelle is my soldier and strength. Michelle is my discipline and I just yearn to grow more in the strengths she poses. One of the words she used in one of her interviews was that she was “intentional” about EVERYTHING when they moved into the white house. That spells “understanding times to me” 

I try to emulate the gratitude of Gabrielle Union and her awakened sense to the meaning of life, husband and children. I like how she was the first black woman who made an impression to me on her eloquence and confidence. She is living her life day by day with strength, zeal and commitment and intentionally lifting others on her way . . . GU is my ultimate body goal J lol … she makes me believe I will be that hot and yummy at 47!!!! I designed my wedding gown after hers

I have no doubt that I poses the strength and character of Iyanla Vanzant’s gift. The courage to tell the truth, to ownyour mess and ability to help to draw the same out from others for the purpose of healing and reconciliation. . Iyanla is fearless in her personality and gifts. .I have lost count how I have used her tools and approach in my teams. Been following her and reading her books from 1999 /2000 and it has been a bliss to see her evolve, at 66, she teaches me a lot!!! Iyanla is a student of life and I love her phrase “what is this experience here to teach me “

The grace, the loyalty, the vulnerable, honest, the die-hardbabe and mellow personality that is Jada Pinkett Smith (48). 7 years ago she did a mothers special of the Red Table Talk. Now I get to watch this creation every single week and I learn so much from 3 generations of black woman, healing and being transparent. I have been able to identify some of my own issues where God is helping me with. Seeing Jada has dispelled a lot of myths about love, pain and wealth. Pain knows no boundaries and affects the rich and the poor… it’s in the bible but to see it real time, is very humbling. I have a much better practical perspective on how my future looks like    …. I would not be surprised to see myself emulating these conversations with my own girls and their kids. . 

And then there is Sarah Jakes Robert!!!! She is my go to girl and in 2019 she has coached my every move. I have been watching her live, following her and have watched every single Youtube video since January 2019. I have most if not all of her resources. She speaks to my time, my today and my future. She’s got the word, am so grateful for her gifts and the revelation of being woman, being young, being a wife and a child of God. Sarah is my Jesus girl!! 


I will always be grateful that the women above have intentionally shared their lives. Whether through a book, on Facebook or any media platform available. This is why I could overtime, cultivate and see a little bit of me in each and every one of them. I am truly grateful for their journey, their lessons, their scars, their pain, and failures and equally grateful for their joys, their success. I pray for them and that the Lord will continue using them in my life. 


My additional teachers who have been using their Instagram , Facebook, books intentionally to uplift are as follows:

1. Dr Anita Phillips – church girl, psychologist – she is fireand she is my pain HEALER. How she analyses the bible to real time, dealing with depression and anxiety will never be the same !!! 
2. Dr Brene Brown – she is my life coach I tell you – makes me want to pursue psychology as an expansion of my career
3. Alicia Keys – she’s growing and sharing her perspectives – she’s so mellow and intentional
4. Cece Winans –she’s the first person I saw who looked like me..the chubby chicks. I literally had pictures of her on will at work in 2006 – she doesn’t post much but holds a special place in my heart 
5. Serita Jakes  – she definitely is my other mother – her message on come home, always hits home . . .aspire to be as warm , caring and assuring as her 
6. Arianna Huffington – I always get aha moments with her page – she’s my game changer and mind challenger. Also taught me to REST and know that it is okay , through her Thrive community
7. Celine Dion – she’s so energetic. I watched her interview when she was battling to have kids. I had never seen a person so determined and with unshakeable faith. I also watched the documentary where she would say I am so in love, the next moment she would be shouting at Rene …. That real moment of being so in love and yet express that sense of no no no  I am not going to take it never left my mind  . .  it helped me declare how in love I am too J
8. Ms. Oprah- -she is the foundation of it all.  And I have no words, because the majority of these woman above, I got to know through the Master Class or other programs that I have had to stream online . . . .  



Role models are important.  Grateful for life in 2019 and the people who continue to open up about their worlds, even when they don’t owe us to so. 


They definitely give us permission to pursue of life’s gifts and purpose!!!

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