A testimony

“Imagination is everything, it is a preview to life’s coming attractions” Albert Einstein


Last week I received a call from the administrator in the school’s office, asking me to come and meet the principal. This is the school we were praying and hoping to enroll our child in for Grade 1 and one of the main contributor to why we chose the area to raise our family in.

I arrived in the principal’s office and he welcomed me nicely, a minute in, he says, you might be wondering why I called you and I say yes, sir! And without delay he tells me the reason he asked me to see him. Mind you I am being addressed as Mrs. Malatji throughout the process. And this is what he said “I met you and your husband last week at the AGM, you know, as soon as I saw you, something said to me, you are the right people that we could work with in this school and so here is the issue. Two of our SGB members are leaving next year, in terms of the policy we can co-opt parents to be members of the SGB. This is the reason I called you today, my gut told me to ask you if you would consider being part of our school governing body”

He explained the process – – bi-elections – final elections etc. etc.

Long story short, I said yes!!!!!


What do people see when they meet you? Most importantly what do you say to yourself about yourself? Once you start to know that you are bigger than just a body moving on this earth, but know it, deep down in your soul that you are gift sent on earth to impact somebody’s life, your life will never be the same again . . .

My imagination has always been large, it’s always been about using my skills set, my gift to contribute to the greater good of my community . . .

And I believe that it is not a co-incidence that the principal saw what he saw because this year we declared it a year of YES, yes to service, yes to growth. Even though he met us at an AGM, the meeting never took place because there was no quorum, I am writing this to say, he has never seen me speak or serve publicly in any way, yet his gut told him to approach me. He doesn’t know me!!!

You gift will make way for you, believe it!!!! And they don’t have to know you, their gut, the Holy Spirit will tell them!!

I wonder what do people’s gut say about you????

When you participate to get things done, you don’t become part of the people who complain and moan. Game changers don’t complain because they know they can turn things around. So taking an opportunity to serve in the SGB is a powerful and an immense opportunity to contribute in shaping and impacting our children and other families’ lives.

I do believe that is what God wants for our generation. Moses had to lift his rod and waters parted, but Joshua had to get his foot into the water, with the Ark of the Covenant and then the waters parted.

A revelation for the country

For South Africa to attain freedom, Nelson had to die to self and be sentenced 27 years. Bu for us now, we got to get our hands in the mud of inequality, of poverty and unemployment. This means we must raise our hands to influence the system in governing bodies, in administration to contribute helping our children’s view of life, our country and the world.

Become part of the change. Don’t sit by the sidelines. Stand up, join in and be part of the change that takes this country forward!!!!

We are stronger together. We carry the Ark of the Covenant, we are saved by grace and Jesus died for our sins and He came so that we will have life in abundance. This covenant with God is the key to our success and our actions , us raising our hands, us showing up, us being bothered by the status quo, us saying no to black and white racism, us speaking unity and not division every single day and everywhere we go, shall turn this country around !!!

Dear God,

I am here to serve, open the doors, up your game, I will show up!!!!!! I promised to say YES, to your will and to your word. We open ourselves to imagine a united South Africa, in Jesus name we pray. Amen

What do people see in you ???

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