I cut your hair

I cut your hair

I saw your struggle in defining yourself

In a new body acquired after two babies and two c-sections

I saw you let the world tell you , you not enough

I saw your soul crushed deep within yourself

Wondering …. does nobody see that I just had babies ?

Does nobody care for what I just went through ?

I cut your hair

I heard you ask , is it difficult to acknowledge, clap hands , give some praise for the time , effort , the stretching and the pain you went through ?

Nobody cared

Nobody celebrated your strength

Nobody celebrated your courage

Nobody celebrated your tenacity

And so , I cut your hair

You have lost perspective on who you are

The one you depended on has disappointed you and told you , you are not enough

I had to cut your hair

I see you struggle daily as you put on clothes

You second guess yourself a million times

You wonder if it’s the right item on this “not right” body

Struggling to believe that you are beautiful

I should have cut your hair much earlier

I know you are in deep pain

I see your anguish

I have cut your hair to remind you this

When God created you He said “ this is good”

I cut your hair to force you into a reset mode

Irrespective of the people around you

I cut your hair to say to you, you can start again

I cut your hair to tell you, that you are good enough

I know you don’t believe it right now

I know you rely a lot on people’s opinions

And the one you rely on has disappointed you

But I am going to cut your hair until you find it in yourself again !!!

I will , if I must, cut it over and over again

Until you see yourself clearly


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