Dear pain – chapter 1

When you know that you know that you know …….

That pain is a critical ingredient of growth . There’s no stretching without pain , there’s no growth without pain . It is impossible to grow without pain …. it’s impossible!!!!!!

When the seed geminates and the soil makes way for the plant to show itself up, it’s not a process without pain ……

So here’s my letter to pain

Dear pain

I welcome you . I realize now that you have been my constant partner since birth. When I was born, I had a choice to stay with the umbilical cord , risk dying or cut the cord and lead a life I was meant to live. Again pain, you were there the moment I was born …….

I realize now that my job is not to pray you away but welcome you and acknowledge you !!

When I asked for growth , I basically asked for you . When I said I know beyond the shadow of doubt , that I was born for greatness, I should have known that you too are an important companion in this process, through and through

I didn’t realize that you are the one to shape and sharpen me . I didn’t realize that you were the dedicated one to help enhance my perspective on self , on love , on family and on ME

I know now that in my moments of triumph you will be there , I will see you even in my joyous moments . I will see you on the other side of my smile and I will see you till the day I die ….

Your intention is not to kill me …. I am very clear about that

And today I change my perspective….. I will no longer be intimidated by your presence in my life. I will rejoice even when I see you lingering around , I will not chase you away but I will embrace you and still lead the life that God meant for me

My soul has just opened up!!!!!!

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