Standing in the Sun

I am excited for the new season ! September!!!

Just another reminder that all that had withered , grows again ! Same roots , new stems new flowers 🌺

Hope returns … ohwww it blooms , again ! For the minute there it was dry but ohw look again , it grows


I am excited for myself specifically because I will be standing in the SUN

I have been doing a series on The Gifts of Imperfections by Dr Brene Brown and it has helped my life so much. I have grown for the better . I am learning and letting go of who I think I am supposed to be. I have also learned to acknowledge at times and days when I feel like I am a hot mess

But most importantly to also be aware that , hot mess is a part of life and my ability to know myself , be kind to myself and be courageous enough to try again at life is what all great men and women who walked and continue to walk , do on a daily basis

All I need do is allow growth and to continue embrace who I am , who I am becoming and truly surrender to God

I will be doing a new series which I call “ Healing the child in me “ my sister Thembisile Molakeng triggered this years ago and I am so grateful for her

You see , inside this woman , there is a little girl yearning for assurance and a whole lot more and I will be writing her letters. Showing her that it’s okay now , the fear can go the pain can go ! It all worked out okay and from now on the child can be at rest and at peace

My partner book is Dr Shefali “ The Conscious Parent” from it I learned the potential mistakes of deferring my dream in the hope of enforcing them on my children . I also was encouraged to strive to go for my dreams and know that I am just a guardian over my kids , nothing more nothing less.

In order to be a better parent, the child in me must heal .

It is uncomfortable to accept our imperfections but it is the wisest thing required to truly lead a wholehearted life

Come stand in the SUN with me



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