TGIF – 26 July 2019


It has been almost two years from October 2017 that I have been hearing the voice of the Lord saying to me ” it’s over” . I do believe that a lot has been ending in my life , sadness and sorrow. More than anything I earned resilience through adversity. I am continuing to surrendering and trusting God to reveal to me more meaning and I trust that whatever comes my way , He’s got me. I also listened when the voice told me that writing it out loud here will release me from the anxiety and open me for what is about to happen in my life . Dear Lord , I open up


Grateful for unlimited and amazing joy I have experienced this week !!! My team and I did a stellar job and received an unqualified audit opinion. After all the affirmations I did on my blog, I do feel slightly above the deep desire and need to be defined by it. However I will make a special case to make sure that when all is said done we celebrate this milestone and just sit in the happiness of its glorious moment . I can only hope that we grow further from here. This is such a big deal!!!

I am very grateful for being mom. Our eldest daughter had her first open school concert this week. Firstly as a working mom, I am grateful that I have found my voice , to an extent that I am able to call my boss , tell the truth and say how it would make feel to show up for my child. I am so grateful that I showed up. At the end of that day , Katlego came to our bedroom and said ” mom, thank you for coming to my school concert today, you made my day” . I sobbed , because I didn’t realize that a five year old notices and could even verbalize their appreciation.

This is the kind of a mom I have always aspired to be and for this opportunity, I am grateful πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


I am inspired by Devon Franklins book The Hollywood Commandments. You know there are prayers I have made and just surrendered them to God and let go. I know behind a shadow of doubt that God wants me to be reading this book at this very moment in my life. I made an affirmation recently and posted ” I am ready to make a shift” and this book is just what I needed to break me open and to remind me of what God can do even for people who work in a so called circular world like me . It is my answered prayer and I am amazed


This week I was very giddy and playful. My team encouraged me to take selfies and have fun . Even though I still need selfie induction I opted for daily photo on the patio ! This was so much fun and very playful. I enjoyed every moment of it !!

Planned fun – I joined my colleagues in my first ever winter games fun . This is a collective effort where various entities under the Chapter Nine institutions come together and compete in various sporting quotes. I signed up for aerobics and it was a good two hours of fun ( I couldn’t hold on for another 2more hours 😝😝😝). This fun is significant for me , there is a lonely journey walked by woman in powerful positions and this was my way of trying to let go and be part of my people … this meant arriving at the office this morning , packing my stuff and saying bye , just as I was stepping to the lift I got called in to release a payment … this took an hour away from my intended schedule. Usually this would have made feel aaagh why bother going , work needs me . But today I won , I persisted with my intention to be part of the bigger group, even though I only have had conversations with a handful of people since my arrival at this entity !!! I still had fun πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

I am on my way to being the woman I am meant to be . I am evolving and I am proud of myself πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

What’s on your TGIF journal ? I would like to πŸ‘‚

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