Creativity – Our girls bedroom is coming along pretty well

I had renovating the girls bedroom as one of my 2019 resolution and now that we have made some progress I am very glad to share some tips here

  • Take your time – I did this project over six months and this allowed me to conceptualize the look , find the right products at reasonable prices and also give suppliers ample time to produce
  • Find reliable suppliers – the Facebook platform is amongst the best tools to use. Have a look at the pages reviews and look for consistency
  • Conceptualize – I love using Pinterest for all my ideas and I have been saving a few of my favorites over time and I used a lot to these concept to get to the final idea
  • Be decisive – don’t start discussions with suppliers until you have at least final two options – this saves you and the supplier time plus you don’t have to get ten quotations for the same kind of thing
  • Choose the supplier you want to work with- my factors were ability to deliver directly to my home or workplace and of course market related prices ( I wasn’t looking for anything above market price because it’s generic staff and material). You may want to discuss guarantees depending on the item , cost and durability
  • Lookout for import taxes – I was gullible and liked a product which I could only get overseas. I didn’t cover my research base well and I learned that import tax on that product was an arm and a leg

We still need a study desk and perhaps a tipee but here is why we got

Bunk bed , book shelf and dress stand from @myriadfurniture . They are available on Facebook

Pouffe is one of my favorite items in the room @Crafted did a stellar job in creating this colorful one for us . See their page on Facebook

The colorful rug – it is the most awaited item in the room and I just love Sonya Winners hand made rugs – check them on Facebook

Laundry basket and pink rabbit – Mr Price Home

The night light in white and door stopper –

The artwork on the wall was done by one of my favorite people. @Custom Paper

We also got creative with the girls artwork. And @framemasters did a stellar job framing these

Other accessories are books from Dischem and we also got water bottles to keep the girls warm . Other accessions are from Pick and pay

I hope you enjoyed this post and you love how this turned out !

Let me know how you allow creativity in your life to show


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