TGIF 21 June

We began the week on Father’s Day celebration and it was bittersweet for me as I miss my father . I am trusting that with time my pain will heal and I will find comfort in the knowledge that he is no longer in pain and is with the Lord ….. I miss him dearly

I am thankful for my in-laws . Going to Limpopo is always such a beautiful experience for me. I always feel home , if I had a life before, this I know for sure,that this is the place I lived at. I always enjoy bringing fruits and vegetables back to Jozi. This time I saw some type of pumpkin used to cook what we call Isijinga in Zulu. And we came back with lots of avocados. I love taking pictures by the flowers and the most beautiful garden that my in laws have , it refreshes my soul and I am very thankful for these moments. I am thankful for the makoti dresses I wear when I am at my in laws . I take so my pride in these dresses and they are a sign of growing older for me. The patterns are of exceptional quality 👌🏾

I learned from my mother in law that my mother asked for pins . Similar to what I wore on my wedding day. She went on to share that my mother said these pins reminded her of her own mother. I was touched by this and inspired by this act of kindness from my mother in law. I don’t have memories of my grandma because she passed away in her forties. But I cannot wait to see the look on my mother’s face when she gets the pins

Fun was seeing the girls do mud pies and digging in deeper in their creativity. Mud cakes and hot chocolates is what they were serving us on Father’s Day . Leaving the kids with the grandparents gave me and KG time off to go on a date and we did that by going to our favorite restaurant in Sandton . We used to go here as often as we could and it was great to go down memory lane. It’s amazing that we have been together for 10 years now 🙏🙏 it’s been wonderful having pure fun together

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