TGIF – 14 June

I am trusting that I will be patient with myself to acquire the skill of ” resting”. This week I gave myself permission to ask for 2 days off in order to rest. After six months of hard work I mastered the courage to say I need rest. So I trust that I will learn to be at home next week and be okay. I trust that I will acknowledge that I have an armor and a team and they will be okay too in my absence

I am grateful to my memory for remembering!!!! This means a lot to me because I have been battling a severe memory loss and ability to grasp to anything. I forgot to fetch the report card at the end of the school term and it was such a big deal because it was our very first. Today I remembered and I am thankful

I am inspired by an Instagram account I found named @Thrive. The mission for this organization couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I am on a path to turn my life around. Checkout their mission statement on the picture below . They inform my Trusting decision above for this week . I love it when I find tools and resources that speak directly to my season

I had fun getting these Protea flowers from our local supplier on my way home ….. I have now resolved that I will spoil myself with these whilst I support the guy on the street 🙏


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