I am joining the movement of the #TGIF

I am trusting that all will be well . I am still very young in the control , certainty , letting go journey and today I trust that God’s got me . I want to trust that my letting go is not a sign of laziness , being irresponsible , not being considerate or ungrateful. I trust that it will be well with . I trust that ensuring that the gifts I have and purpose I am made for is actually sustainable and lives longer rather than pleasing , being exhausted and depressed . So using a quote from the Bible , I trust that perhaps this is the moment for which I was created … and God’s got me … not by might …

I am so grateful for the success of submitting our reports on time . Work is till a very big part of my tick box giving me a sense of achievement. Furthermore the type of progress we make is one that feels specially important for my organization . Eternally grateful for a new Cabinet also

I am inspired by the T.D. Jakes book Crushing ….. turning pressure into power. Somehow I can finally see that what didn’t kill me made me stronger

I joined my colleagues in a good laugh 😆 about this whole stressful period …. I felt goosebumps and I laughed so hard from my belly …. I am once again a student in foreboding joy and I am glad I had lots of fun today … good spontaneous fun … I said yes to MC an Associates dinner tomorrow and I know this will be fun and will fill up my cup … I have been turning down most invitations to speak or MC for the past ten years… this is going to be fun 🙏


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