Lesson 1: Do not rush your life

My journey towards 40 …. did I say that ???

Letting go of who I was supposed to be

Allowing the person I am meant to be to be seen

Healing the little girl born in the farms , raised in a township, built by the church , protected by family , kept by Grace 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Ticking the boxes and moving on . Leaving the unticked ones because I realize I was chasing someone’s else dream

Hahahahahaaa how fulfilling to grow up and know beyond the shadow of the doubt , that yes I meant well, good intentions kept me

But it’s time to close the boxes and say goodbye 👋 it’s time I put my all in the “ knowing “

I accept that I cannot take the whole world with me . But by being who God say I am , I inspire others to truly be

Dear God

I can hear you clearly

I say yes

I am here to serve you and to serve my people

It takes time to fully get to the person you are meant to be. Otherwise Israel would have walked the 11 days … we have to do 40 years to appreciate the journey and to be fully dependent on God ….. even with my knowing from age 4 …. anything else would have been premature

We have to be fully stripped of all of our own ways , our own human righteousness

There are no shortcuts to purpose

Happy Afriday

The intention is not to kill you but to teach you to lean on the one who created you

I am not my worst mistakes . I am kept by grace and every day that is enough


1. Do not rush getting to the destination. Pay attention to the journey the valleys the rivers . Pay attention to the loss the pain the joys the triumphs. It is true that your biggest pain is connected to your purpose. T.D. Jakes was right . Your journey will sustain the passion , prayer will purify your intentions and God will pave the way …

When in pain , don’t rush for it to pass. Stay in the moment and trust , God will speak …. when at your happiest …. stay in that moment never imagine the next worst thing that could happen ….. when in laughter….. allow yourself to laugh 😆 until those tears roll down your face …. embrace the high and lows of life ….. all things are indeed lessons that God will have us learn

There is indeed time for everything …. Solomon was right …. don’t rush for tomorrow…..