Birds of the same feathers flock together

Dear God

For the longest time I believed that birds of the same feathers flock together

It is not until recent that I realized how misguide my belief was

I believed that if I hung out with the same birds who finished their degrees, that I too would finish mine . That if they got an instant job , I too would follow suite, that if they drove an expensive car , I too would be driving something to the effect.

I also thought flocking together meant husbands, houses , kids and that by the fact that we all desired these we all would get these at the same time and if not we would fast pray and ask for deliverance and forgiveness on whatever it was blocking us from these earthly blessings

I realize now how naive and childish I have been

I have stayed , focused , failed a million times , but picked myself up for the dream

I realize now that what started with good intentions could become a devils ground for envy

I realize now that all I needed and desired is a space to belong. A space to be welcome. A space where my biggest desire is to be seen and be truly seen

Dear God

I am happy to announce that I have been chasing my friends dream . Help me realize that whilst bad company corrupts, good company does not guarantee same gift same prophecy and same blessings . Help me identify motivation versus competition and help me choose your will for my life

Help me realize that chasing my own dream is why you created me

Chasing my destiny is why you open the doors that you have for me

Help me understand that I don’t belong to this world but to you .

And that it’s in you that I truly belong


Innocent soul

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