Conversations with the pilot

Random discussions with the pilot
Me:I assume you are the pilot?
Pilot:Yes mam
Me:Why aren’t you flying ?( this question though … I mean dhaa 🙈🙈)
Pilot:I am on my way to JhB then I will be manning the flight to Congo mam 
Me:Where do you stay?
Pilot:I live in Fourways mam and where do you stay 
Me:I answer
Me:So how long have you been a pilot ?
Pilot:It’s been 30 years mam 
Me: woow 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Me: Please tell me in simple terms why you would encourage anyone to be a pilot?
Pilot:Public Service mam, I take people across the world for meetings ,for pleasure and vacations. I enable people to reach their destinations, I do my best to do that in safest possible way and that gives me pleasure mam
I’m stunned, day made 
I don’t know where I got this Oprah character in me. I learn through conversations 

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