Stress management tools

This is what I pasted on my desk and on my right hand side wall
The intention is to help me take things slowly. I’d like to change how my work life has been for the past 12 years
I’d like to change especially my current work life. I want to relate get to know my colleagues, take lunch, have little conversations no matter how silly they are, I want to join in on the jokes. I’m not saying I’m looking for normal, in fact I don’t know what normal looks like or feel like for me 
What I desire is the ability of being at work without feeling like the entire world is on my shoulders. I want to give myself the freedom of leading the lifestyle I desire. I want to pace myself to accept that changing the entity and ultimately the country is not an overnight process 
The permission to accept that if work couldn’t be done between the eight hours dedicated it’s okay to deferr it the next day, it’s okay to ask for help ten times from my boss even though he continues to make me feel bad for not being able to execute all of the tasks

So I have been trying this for a month now and I’m glad I did….

So proud that I’m trying to keep my word to my husband, I have been picking up his calls and I have been calling him. Not doing the 5 minutes outside my lunch time because I’m ridiculously feeling it’s the employer time and I quickly ask him to wait for my call , the fact of the matter is I’m trying. So proud that I put this on my own  because my relationship with him is important 
Devotion – I will during the morning drive for devotion, daily

Exercise – I have committed myself to a 30 minute 

Relate- to my husband and colleagues. I realized that I have never been to a social event organized by the entity, this due always having a month end year end or audits deadlines. This stops right here right now 

Taking a minute to myself to eat has always felt like committing a sin , running around completing tasks, opening the door to help someone. Going into meetings that are done on the spot has been part of my life here. Whilst doing and helping gives me the greatest rush and great feeling, it’s costing me my well being. It stops right here 

Breathe – I have learned to breathe, from the gym exercises I breathe a looot!!!

These are the starting points into leading a healthy life

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