Some food from last week 

I didn’t know I could over grill pork and it’s so fast and tender

Corn and spinach with beetroot and mushroom sauce…. I am having salads only for evening meals 🤦🏾‍♀️. We have a vacation by end of the month and am trying to deal with this tummy fat 😄😄😄😄😄
Cooking is my way of distressing these days. I get good satisfaction from seeing the work of my hands

I’m a foodie explorer 

Had to ask Woolies to intervene the other Friday 🤷🏿‍♀️ and I just fried some chicken 🍗 

The power of 13

Looking back, my life changed at the age of 13. At this age I made a few significant decisions which set the course for my life.

  1. After receiving Christ as my Lord and saviour, I desired, as per the scripture to the altar call, to be that special bread, preserved for special use
  2. I then made a decision to remain pure, together with this, I made a mental note, I will not have a boyfriend until I am 17

I spent the next four years in church, I went to prayer from 5am, and I prayed and prayed. I went to children’s church every work day after school. I learned to interpret the scriptures and the spirt of God was at work. Looking at that part of my life now, I see that the hand of the Lord was at work.

So each night, we would have a programme and the church had a practise that each one must come with a testimony every day. We were encouraged that our testimony must have a basis from the scripture. The testimonies needed to be thanking God for what He has done in that day or week. In short, the church was teaching me the following

  1. Gratitude – find something to be grateful for each day
  2. Scripture reading – relating my life to scripture and memorising the word

The time for testimony was taken very seriously and I also made sure that I partake once a week, either in the girl’s service or the youth service. This really did a great job to my self -esteem and understanding of who God says I am.

From the age of 13, I could have not had food that day and I would go to church and say the word of God says God is Jehovah Rapha, God my provider. For every challenging situation, the word of God was there. If I was sad and needed to cry and I felt no one would understand, I learned about Hannah, who poured her heart in prayer, to such an extent that the priest thought she was drunk. I learned to cry in the spirit, for a good 8 years, when I prayed, I  cried. Prayer was more than just bringing my cares and burdens, prayer became my therapy.

After praying, at the early hours of the morning, I stood up and believed that God will take care of whatever it is that was bothering me.

When I was desperately in need, I knew God was with me. I literally took God at His word. I still believe that He is not man to can lie

These confessions trained my brain to stay grounded in the word. I spoke life and I believed life. The word of God saturated in my bones, it was my life. I believed and imagined His word being fire in my bones and yes, that it was.

I identified with two scriptures

  1. Joshua 1
  2. Psalm 139

I was assured that He will be with me, I was also assured that His plan about me, is beyond what my eyes can see, because He knew me, before my parents even conceived me, my days were written in the book of life. This knowledge kept me. This knowledge comforted me.

Age 13 also set me on a course of keeping a journal. I was taught through the word, that “write your vision down, though it tarry, it will surely come to pass” so I started writing my thoughts down. In most of our quarterly meetings and special events, I started noting key points from the message that I needed to remember.

It was at the age of 13, that the Secondary School did a motivation day for us. There I met the words, “if it’s to be, it’s up to me”. These stuck with me and God set me on a course of a divine life.

My most humbling moment was at the same age, standing in front of the congregation in one of the mid-week services, sharing my testimony. I had read about kings of Israel, I had noted that God chose Kings, regardless of age. The story of David fascinated me, he was the seventh child, like me, he was the youngest , like me, with a strong desire to be used by God; I testified that, although I am 13, I do believe that I can be used by God. If I serve the same God of David, the same God can use me.

This inspired a word of prophecy in the church, a lady stood up and spoke over me, and I still get chills when I think back to that evening. She spoke that God says, He will use me to touch the world, what I was declaring through my testimony, was being confirmed about the depth and extent to which God would use me. The most amazing thing was, as she spoke, I knew that she was telling the truth, nothing sounded new to my ears and my spirit. Everything she said, I knew that to be the truth of who I was to be or who I was becoming. In that moment I confirmed that my calling has the people at the centre of it. I was blessed.

Time of change

A lot changed for me at this age. I started on anew path for my life. I was a Christian and not afraid. I lived for my family and my community. I changed my words, my thoughts and I was born again. I woke up early, prayed each morning and night, I watched the words that came out of my mouth. I watched the company I keep, I watched who speaks to my ears. I focused and had great intent in all I did. I even stopped to carelessly wet myself in bed …at 13

Time of destiny 

The age 13 set me on a course for my destiny, I knew who I was and I never doubted it. God assured me. I went for gold

I was 13 when my teacher told me about Chartered Accountancy profession, I then set my heart on the course for the profession.

Time to start again 

13 was the time to start again. My family experienced no physical fights, the arguments subsided and life was on a different path

I was 13 when my eldest brother got a permanent job

I was 13 when the local municipality installed electricity in my community

I was13 when my brother bought us our first ever fridge

There was hope in the political sphere of the community

South Africa was 2 years into democracy


Here is a typical schedule I had from 13 to 17

  1. Monday – a day of fasting and prayer – this I complied and did faithfully for the most of my life
  2. Tuesday – a cell group meeting – which I attended faithfully, it was always nice to go into other people’s house and to share a prayer
  3. Wednesday – a girls service – I participated by being a chorus leader most of the times
  4. Thursday – a youth service – this was always on fire
  5. Friday – men’s service, I seldom went to this one
  6. Saturdays – monthly, quarterly meetings, outdoor evangelism and 14h00 choir practice
  7. Sunday – 10 am service and 3 pm service

Monday to Thursday from 3pm, I went to children;s church, by age 16 I had started teaching the children’s church 🙂


1996 , a year of destiny!


But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lordlooks at the heart.”

So he asked Jesse, “Are these all the sons you have?”

“There is still the youngest,” Jesse answered. “He is tending the sheep.”

Samuel said, “Send for him; we will not sit down until he arrives.”


Dear God….

It was in 1996 when I defined who God is in my life. I believe I was raised in one of the greatest and loving families ever, but there were challenges. My parents were not in an ideal husband and wife relationship and as a 13 year old, I knew that this was not normal.

For the longest time my parents fought a lot and I understood this to be a result of alcohol consumption.  My father was an alcoholic. Every time I came back from December holidays, the energy in my house was not welcoming.

I have very clear memories where my parents would be fighting and I would find myself in between, screaming and begging them to stop. I have clear recollections of punches being blown by them both, I have witnessed one of them fainting and collapsing on the floor due to the sever nature of their fights.

This lifestyle was a constant; I don’t recall a peaceful night as a child, wherein if my father was drunk and all was okay. It was a norm, as soon as we heard him outside, walking towards the house, rumbling as usual; we quickly turned off our candle lights and went to sleep. This was our life.

As a result, I can remember that I had a number of evenings wherein, going to sleep was very sad for me. N those nights, I would cry myself to sleep. I could not comprehend why so many fights, I just knew that it hurt, it hurt so bad. The pillow was my fried, I wept silently for most nights. The words uttered would be around provisions, my mother would be asking my father about the money, food and I would like to think that this was the basis of most of their fights, provision…

The last straw came in January 1996, I had come back from Natal , I came home and I saw that the significant part of the kitchen wall was covered in blood. At first I thought they had slaughtered a sheep, but then I asked myself, why they would smear its blood on the wall. The blood was everywhere; I remember I had to scoop up dry blood inside the 80kg of maize meal as I prepared the pap for my family to eat in one evening. This, I never shared with anyone because I thought they would not want to eat the pap if they knew that it had dry blood inside it.

My parents are traditional; I knew that most holidays they would consult a traditional healer to seek help; I would in most times find that there is a traditional medicine to be used as per prescription by the healer. I would observe with much curiosity, the fresh crosses on the door posts and fresh ingcabo on their arms. It is from such experiences that I would hear stories such as how stuff flew in through the window with bad items that were meant to destroy our family as the consulting process went on. I loved these stories and I looked forward to them every single year. These stories also gave me hope, I also hoped that maybe, maybe each time, the bad spirits would leave our family and that perhaps finally my parents would stop fighting. I didn’t know what they consulted for and I never asked, but I silently thought that it was to stop the fighting; I thought it was meant to bring peace.

The one thing that stayed in my mind from a small age about the visits from the traditional healer is that, they would leave my parents with so much hope and positive words, my parents always tell us that there is wealth on top of our heads. My mother would touch my head and say, you are rich, and there is wealth, imali igcwele emakhanda enu. So I believed this and every time I thought of the possibilities of being okay, having good food and nice clothes, I felt hope. This belief propelled me to really believe that one day, we will be wealthy, we are rich, it’s just a matter of time … J this belief also made easily face discouragement with much ease, I believed my parents words and they were final g me, nothing else mattered

I believe I had a relationship with God from a young age, however I don’t recall accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour until1996. This was the same year that I had decided if God is God, then He has to show up in my family.

The pastor was SD Gumbi, he read from the scripture 1Samuel 21: 2-6, I have no regular bread on hand, only the holy bread. The call for that evening was to ask God to keep me, asks God to protect me; I desire not to be any ordinary bread but the bread that is kept in the holy place. This was my call to salvation. Pastor SD has such a profound way of calling one to the altar, he likes saying , yangena inhlanhla ekhaya lakini, yangena insindiso, yangena impumelelo and this I took and I believed that by accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour, healing and restoration will enter my family home.

By this age, I was aware of the social perceptions about what salvation is, even though I had a divine experience after the service of accepting Jesus Christ, I still felt I needed assurance about God’s existence. I felt I needed my own way of understanding who God is and not be based on the church’s understanding only. So I made a prayer, I asked God to help stop my parents from fighting, I asked God to reveal Himself to me. As I prayed, I was afraid of seeing angels, so I kind of wished that I would not see angels, because I was afraid of experiencing something like that. So in the month of January 1996, that worst observation of war and strain between my parents would be the last year that my parents fought and all glory goes to Jesus Christ. I never testified about this in church as it was important to me that I don’t, but I praise God for the peace that was now present in my family.

This gave me assurance that God is alive in my life and that God answers prayers.

My second prayer was answered in a voice, in my sleep, again I needed assurance, I had heard many unkind things said about people who are saved and I was a bit confused. I heard a voice, “ungesabi, ngiyakuba nawe nomaphi la uyakhona” I woke up to the shock and instantly the voice told me to read Joshua 1: 5 -9, I was shocked, I knew God is alive and He is with me. From that age on, I believed God for myself. I knew something special was happening in my life.


And all I needed to learn was to trust Him, trust the process….


Be strong and courageous; do not be terrified or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go!!!!

Getting on with the routine 

I have been going to the gym for a while now and I am looking forward to more sessions this September 

Being active has taught me some really good lessons 

My biggest lesson has been that I am CAPABLE 🤞🏾🤞🏾and I got a few take aways from my journey so far

1. The pain below my heart has reduced significantly 

2. My breathing has improved 

3. I am able to challenge myself to do some difficult exercises 

4. I realize how quick it takes for my body to adjust to a new routine, something I must take advantage of 

5. Staying healthy doesn’t seem so hard after all 

By the grace of God I have managed to do 5000 steps at home. This has contributed positively to my ability to run 🏃 on a treadmill at the gym. The pedals on the stepper are very hard and needs endurance 

With over 15 days of 30 minutes exercise and more controlled diet my weight is still the same

This doesn’t worry me as my goal is to manage the stress, eat healthy food and take care of my biggest asset, my body. My weight is 70kg, 1 kg lessor from the starting point 

I decided to cut out one meal per day, and I chose the evening meal. I’m thinking I should do it for a 22 days and see how it goes 

I’m very proud to have done 1000 steps this evening, it feels great to sweat 💦 

My daily routine now is as follows 

Be up at 5:15

Get ready for gym

Prepare Katlego 

Drop Katlego off at 6am

Arrive at the gym at 6:45

Exercise until 7:30

Shower and be at work by 8am

Leave work at 4pm, a struggle that I know I will overcome 

Be home by 5:30 latest 

Cook and serve by 7pm

Between arriving and serving I try to invest time with the girls by reading, coloring or unorganized fun. I also check the well being of our domestic helper

I also do laundry twice a week these days 🤷🏿‍♀️

Then I Exercise for 20 minutes , 1000 steps

I sometimes wash dishes after the exercise 

I take a bath , hoping for the days when it will be long ones 

I prepare to sleep and spend time with my King

Lala land 

HRM 3 September 

1.Tribulations are normal 

2.God is in control 

Luke 22:31-32. Sometimes it is good to feel out of control for God to step in

3. Tribulations help us lean on God

Psalms 121:2. Our help comes from the Lord

4. Tribulations promote self knowledge 

They reveal the true character 

Until you are afflicted then you will mend your ways

They will expose the true you

5. Tribulations strengthens us

6. Tribulations contribute to maturity 


7. Endured tribulations help us comfort others 

Endure experience hope 

I will never suffer in vain 

Testimony from the people of the Bible 

Rizpah – 

Stephen- stoned

Paul and Silas

Thank you Jesus, I am edified. It was not in vain coming to the service