I’m learning the hard way what this means at this stage of my life 

I put up some small but very significant actions to assist me to change my workaholism, manage stress and lead a more present lifestyle 

This is my way of pacing myself, I like giving myself grace. I always begin with small steps pacing myself until I’m ready for the big ones

Devotion – just as much as I have managed to maintain Sunday fellowship, I need daily fellowship with Christ. I need to feed my spirit, it begins with that. I reckon I can use the 45 minutes morning drive to work or gym to do just that. I’m trying to stop my mind from pacing through the to do list for the day. Thinking about work on my way to work increases my anxiety levels these days 

Exercise – I’m benefiting a great deal out my 30 minutes daily exercises before work. I’m desperately in need of keeping to this activity 

Breakfast – a good exercise requires a good meal and breakfast is important. It’s common practice for my colleagues to take the time to feed their bodies every day. I don’t know why I treat myself as if I don’t qualify or as if I’m excluded from this rule 🤷🏿‍♀️I gotta eat

Relate – I have to make the effort to connect. Being busy, meetings has denied me an opportunity to get to know my colleagues better. So I will take these walks , daily, so help me Jesus 

I miss about three calls from KG per day. That’s beyond bad. I know he has the real grace to be my husband because he never tire. This I need to do, for myself. Take at least 5 minutes to have a meaningful telephone conversation with my husband…. that’s it. If I can do this twice a day I’ll be happy 👊🏾👊🏾 He is Gods rejuvenation provided for me 

I need to breathe – yes work is important however at the pace with which I’m going. …. I might not be around longer due to stress and depression 

The sooner I get this in my head the better 

I also plan to stop taking work home. Home is my personal and family time 

I cannot afford to one day wake up and my kids are all grown and I have no idea how it happened. So help me Lord please I’m on my knees 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Leave work at 4pm this is by far my biggest weakness….. I am making good strides but I need help

These are things I have control over

The rest . ….. will talk more in my next blog 

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