Getting on with the routine 

I have been going to the gym for a while now and I am looking forward to more sessions this September 

Being active has taught me some really good lessons 

My biggest lesson has been that I am CAPABLE 🤞🏾🤞🏾and I got a few take aways from my journey so far

1. The pain below my heart has reduced significantly 

2. My breathing has improved 

3. I am able to challenge myself to do some difficult exercises 

4. I realize how quick it takes for my body to adjust to a new routine, something I must take advantage of 

5. Staying healthy doesn’t seem so hard after all 

By the grace of God I have managed to do 5000 steps at home. This has contributed positively to my ability to run 🏃 on a treadmill at the gym. The pedals on the stepper are very hard and needs endurance 

With over 15 days of 30 minutes exercise and more controlled diet my weight is still the same

This doesn’t worry me as my goal is to manage the stress, eat healthy food and take care of my biggest asset, my body. My weight is 70kg, 1 kg lessor from the starting point 

I decided to cut out one meal per day, and I chose the evening meal. I’m thinking I should do it for a 22 days and see how it goes 

I’m very proud to have done 1000 steps this evening, it feels great to sweat 💦 

My daily routine now is as follows 

Be up at 5:15

Get ready for gym

Prepare Katlego 

Drop Katlego off at 6am

Arrive at the gym at 6:45

Exercise until 7:30

Shower and be at work by 8am

Leave work at 4pm, a struggle that I know I will overcome 

Be home by 5:30 latest 

Cook and serve by 7pm

Between arriving and serving I try to invest time with the girls by reading, coloring or unorganized fun. I also check the well being of our domestic helper

I also do laundry twice a week these days 🤷🏿‍♀️

Then I Exercise for 20 minutes , 1000 steps

I sometimes wash dishes after the exercise 

I take a bath , hoping for the days when it will be long ones 

I prepare to sleep and spend time with my King

Lala land 

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