HRM 3 September 

1.Tribulations are normal 

2.God is in control 

Luke 22:31-32. Sometimes it is good to feel out of control for God to step in

3. Tribulations help us lean on God

Psalms 121:2. Our help comes from the Lord

4. Tribulations promote self knowledge 

They reveal the true character 

Until you are afflicted then you will mend your ways

They will expose the true you

5. Tribulations strengthens us

6. Tribulations contribute to maturity 


7. Endured tribulations help us comfort others 

Endure experience hope 

I will never suffer in vain 

Testimony from the people of the Bible 

Rizpah – 

Stephen- stoned

Paul and Silas

Thank you Jesus, I am edified. It was not in vain coming to the service 

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