2017 a year of loosen up 

This is how I view 2017
I was determined to go to church every Sunday, my first few attempts were so stressful. Kgaogelo would make it impossible to sit or stand. She would scream so much that my emotions would be so affected by it and that staying on would have me more stressed than edified 

I took a break…. a long one

I’m back at it now, two consecutive Sundays. The first one I was so late and did about 40 minutes in and the sermon was done. I got what I came for and that’s all that mattered.Last week I was early but I did about ten to twenty minutes outside, rocking her in her scream then I did the rest of the service in the mothers room with her on my back

I actually prefer her on my back and I have resolved that if that’s what it takes then so be it

My spirit is desperate for fellowship and Jesus Christ in the church. I must be willing to loosen up. I must be willing to take the stares from the ushers and be willing to say I don’t know to five different people asking me what’s wrong with her

I must be willing to listening to someone saying give her panado when I have no panado on site, needless to say I don’t find myself having panado needing moments at home, so I’m not used to it

The one thing I enjoy is the fact that I can rock up my jeans and flat shoes and a shirt to church, joys of modern society. This attire works wonders for me and I plan to stick to it for as long as I need to

Loosening up is a necessity if I’m going to lead a healthy life 

It’s also called being flexible. Nothing is perfect in life, I need to be grateful that my kids are healthy and not stress about how they get irritable and unsettled in church or at a restaurant sometimes. Very soon my kids will be old and leaving to pursue their callings….. I have learned that 12 years is not a very long time. 
All I need is to breathe, loosen up and live life to the best of my God given ability 

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