Mommy can I have a cake 

2017 is Katlego’s second year in Creche 

One thing she looks forward to is …. her birthday 🎉 and the 🎂 

This year they have “bakers” as an item in their calendar . Each child gets a Friday to bring eats. Katlego’s turn has come and gone, yet my child wishes she could do bakers every Friday of the week 

So yesterday she asked me to bake for her and I did chocolate muffins 

I love how these double up for dessert 😀😀😀😀we all win

And today she went to Creche with a big bag of muffins and custard 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏these are moments that make me smile a lot 

I also got to send the muffins, chicken soup and beef stew to a friend in need. These moments are what fills my cup over. 

Overall we all had a great chilled Thursday 

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