Sleeping time

Sleeping time is becoming more fun in our house 

I can definitely say the three weeks apart from the kids is giving us greater benefits than anticipated 

The first week we tried having the girls sleep in the second bedroom, we won with the toddler and not with the three year old. Instead she remained in our bedroom in a cot. This week we tried a different approach, the first night was a no option approach and peer pressure strategic tac team via younger sister, she gave in and joined her

Katlego is a very easily agreeable child, the first thing she said in the morning was that she didn’t sleep in our bedroom. We made sure that we celebrated the moment with clapping of hands , loud screams and excitement, the next celebration was that she didn’t make a wee, this was a call for a pick up , spin around and a big high five!!! This also made feel more confident to let go as we didn’t want her to regress on this part

Since then, I have been tucking my girls in their single beds every night and I must say they make it so easy for me. The second night my toddler was telling me to go, my ego was bruised at how quickly they achieved their independence. I dragged myself out of their room

Tonight they asked for their dolls, each night is eventful and I am so impressed how quickly they adapt . I had to kiss their babies good night and say all the glorious cute things they needed me to say , just so their babies are at peace😆😆

I certainly miss their kicking and turning at night, I miss the struggle over blankets since they never want any over their body. I miss waking up and seeing their faces first thing in the morning.I have been having these mornings for 3years 8m of my life and letting them go it’s too damn hard. I think having these moments on weekends make our times together so special …. this weekend will be our second attempt of the model

I am however very grateful for getting my sleep back. I had not slept like this in four + years if one includes the nine months of being pregnant. I appreciate the season of growing in parenthood and I must say it is necessary 

On the other hand , I’m loving this free time I get to have with KG, to be back in his arms again, owh my goodness I missed that , so glad that I have it again 😝😝😝
In the meantime…. it’s sleeping time 😴😴😴😴😴

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