Owning a piece of land 

One of my favorite past time activity is browsing through internet and looking at properties. Land , farms , houses and new development are my favorite…. I had some time obsessing about flats in the city of Johannesburg and hilbrow 
So at any given point I’m able to tell on top of my mind how much a specific area is going for around Gauteng and other major cities in South Africa 

I owned a house at the age of 22 in Vosloorus. I had started working and I got a pamphlet from a very friendly lady at Noord taxi rank. I took her up on the off plan property. My fascination began with this beautiful house 🏡 

My plan was to settle in my career and perhaps consider staying in the house although it was very far from my then workplace, Sunninghill . I was looking forward to using the house for my family to have a place in Gauteng. Our second place to call home. I then took a logical approach and got a tenant in the interim. This worked well in the beginning but as time went by, I didn’t get rent payment from the tenant 

Unfortunately the timing of this tenant not honoring our agreement was at the same time when my employer was unable to pay my salary. So I had a few months of unpaid bond installments 

The administrative requirements of traveling during the week to find the tenant took a lot from me. My family wasn’t around at the time to help with the administrative issues. I didn’t know much about tenant and contract management.

So with no rental income and a stubborn tenant whom I saw three or four times over the rental period, my house was attached and sent to auction. I then got a call from an agent offering me an option to sell, with no further details I took the offer and got profit from the sale. Unfortunately my name was blacklisted from the delayed bond payments and it took a little over two years to clear it up.

I still have a dream of owning my own piece of land and build something beautiful 

I’d really love a home that represent my lifestyle. I was inspired by the space and the animals with free reign in the Swaziland palace when we visited in 2002. I fell in love with peacocks running around the yard, the sound of birds and gigantic trees. My biggest yearn is the ability to step outside and see the sky, the stars and the moon. This is an experience I marvel at each time I am home at Warden 

After my trip to Swaziland, I added to my vision board a beautiful house and I thought to myself, I want to own a villa of grace, because that’s exactly how my life has been. Grace has kept me 

People who I have seen living this, have also inspired the dream of my house and have made me believe even more that it is possible 

I came across a place called Rietvlei CE and I immediately loved the idea of a hector and the potential of what owning the land would mean

I would be able to have chickens, peacocks, the gigantic tree with a swing and grow my own food 🥘. The thought of it excites me. So today I just want to send my prayers and put it out there and I know in time God will provide 
The coincidence about Ritevlei is the recent discovery I have made that Warden is built on a farm called Rietvlei 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️I know it doesn’t mean I must live there but what a coincidence right 🙊🙊🙊🙊

Here’s some history..

Warden is a town situated on the N3 Highway between Johannesburg and Durban. The town has one of the largest Dutch Reformed churches in South Africa, with the seating for the 1 750. Warden was laid out in 1912 on the farm Rietvlei and became a municipality in 1920. The town was named after the former Harrismith magistrate, Charles Warden.
In the interim, here’s a picture I have kept for the past fifteen years. The idea of space and freedom fills my heart ❤️ 

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