Originals – chapter 1

Lessons learned 

I like the third part of definition of the word “originals”

” a person who is different from other people in an appealing or interesting way”

This reminded me a lot of so many prophetic words spoken over my life. Over and above my relationship with the Holy Spirit from the young age, I have been blessed to receive a spoken word by both strangers and familiar faces who would tell me that there is something different about me.

I love Adams when he says originality is taking the road less traveled….. ultimately making things better. I know now that this is how I describe myself. …. I am an original 😬I always believe that there’s an alternative, a better way of doing things. I believe that’s why I am so great at aligning strategy to a vision, I am always graced with knowing “what” must be done. I don’t always know the how and I can discover a thousand how’s and allow a team effort to identify the ultimate solution 

Mmhhhnn originals are an exception not a rule. This I can agree with. I recently accepted that it’s not all of us that are meant to be wealthy. I noticed that contrary to my young innocent understanding and upbringing, I desired all of us, the whole community of Warden to have wealth, with time I understand that meeting the basic needs is what is of critical importance. I can now relate with fact that there’s few Zuckerbegs etc. We each have something to give to this world, that’s why some will be teachers , nurses and without their services , truly we wouldn’t have a society  with balance and humility.Generally these jobs are not the most paying yet the most fulfilling . My point is most people use the expression ” for peaces sake” I didn’t do this I didn’t ask them I chose to walk away , for the sake of peace. This doesn’t refer only to moments of anger but it can be the simplest form of conflict or where two people differ with how to solve a problem. People’s general behavior is to “avoid” the situation and not to ask how best or if the alternative is available

So to a certain degree , yes, it takes a few people to say, I don’t like how my work is and instead of leaving to seek new pastures , I’ll rather fix this current environment. Adam says, these originals create the jobs they want. When I read this chapter , I said to myself, it’s important to be able to separate the different stages of ones career. I guess it is different for each time or season of your life 

Mine was

My first job as a bookkeeper was good but I was young , needed experience and had some ambition and goals to achieve. I also stayed at this job for four months without a salary because things I needed the experience and I thought I was being loyal meanwhile things were going bad. I could have potentially damaged relationships through this job , rent was always paid late and I had to rely on my brother to support me during this time.Even if I wanted to create the work environment I wanted , through this company and at that time, it wouldn’t have worked . So I felt the need to interpret Adam in my context 

This statement couldn’t have been relevant either in my second employer. I was 23 when I joined , a family owned and managed business with my closest supervisor having been there for eight years and her boss twenty years, with no other positions being created or formally structured. Again this fact doesn’t dispel possibilities that in the private sector positions are created without the red tape as compared to public sector institutions. I needed to grow and expand the knowledge and skill set I had already acquired 

I did however build the environment that I wanted to work for. I created what I desired. I didn’t listen to the gossip or perception. I went in and found out stuff for myself 

I can relate with this statement in this season of my life. I feel having children is one way that I challenge myself and in so doing I strengthen my resilience muscles. Before kids I did leave things easily, not invest time in finding the solution, avoiding a situation and search for something else was easier then than it is right now

Whilst I have always been a catalyst in every position I have held, I am indeed maturing better with age. I’m now loving this process of trying it all, intentionally seeking for a solution instead of packing my bags and leaving my current employer

Whilst I wait for a new opportunity elsewhere, I am committed to leaving a good trail of work and deeds

Chapter 1… to be continued 

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