Beauty and manicure journey 

I’m pretty sure that I will maintain the manicure treatment from now on

I am now on my fifth paint work so far and I’m doing pretty well for a novice 

Things I learned and some I took for granted….

1. Learning how to relax my fingers , I have used three service providers, they all tell me to relax ….. please mam just relax your fingers

2. How do you relax your fingers 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️This showed me how tense my limbs are…. I have a lot to learn 

3. Patience…. it’s not that I don’t like being pretty, it’s the time it takes to achieve the results … I need to give myself the permission to be pampered 

4. 3 above confirms the age I belong to, I am always in a hurry , rushing somewhere. My kids my husband and my family are constantly on my mind . I have always been fast when doing things…. it’s time to slow down a bit and get some nails done 💅 

5. I appreciate the two hours I need just to untie my old hairdo , relax my hair and get a head massage 

6. Another two to three hours I need for a new hairstyle …. I make peace with the fact that I will be at the salon from 8am and leave at 2pm

7. Until a new invention comes, no one is going to die

I used to think that I wil build my own hair studio in my house for purpose of relaxing and styling myself, now that I’m older I realize that going to the salon it’s part of my social experience. I like interacting with my community, finding out how other people are perceiving the world and circumstances that affect our daily life.

I therefore let go of the studio idea, I don’t live in an island, I also choose not to do it all. Whilst I will properly do my girls hair when they need blow drying and all, I will take them to the salon for these experiences also.

Since I can afford going to a salon I will no longer do my own hair, well let’s just say I choose to support local business and keep someone employed 😂😂😂
I pray to be consistent and explore what pampering has to offer!!! The technology has changed, I did gelish and now I have tips, gooosh they are so beautiful 😍 . The tips I have on are dark brown and they turn fierce red when my temperature is high or exposure to heat 😳😆😆😆

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