Because I know how grief feels

After losing her grandfather, I knew that T will be going through a lot

Having lost two brothers , a father and two uncles in a very short period of time myself, I had it in my heart that spending time and sharing our pain with T will go a long way

The thing about grief and loss is that you don’t know how to process it…. each loss is so different and requires different tools of coping 

Tools which you have no idea how to acces until you reach rock bottom 

So I knew that spontaneous outing and activity is what we both needed 

We painted the town red this time, from massages from the Waterfall Spa, taking the Gautrain, exploring the City of Johannesburg, walking on Eloff Street and reminiscing about our days of university and taking a bus number 66 after shopping from town and finally we explored Arts On Main .
We had such a fantastic time and seeing how things have changed for the better in our city and country is something we bother marveled on

South Africa is so beautiful 

We ended our weekend at the farmers market , great food and company and yes the live musical performance was epic 

Overall our weekend was splendid and yes we got to those issues of pain and loss that wouldn’t have come if we were in any other formal place or setting

Because grief is something you live with and there’s no formula 

I know that this friend of mine is my lifetime 

Here’s to seventeen years of wonderful experiences and to many more by Gods grace 🙏

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