Laundry matters

Doing laundry is one of my past time activity 

Let’s say used to be 

Growing up in a big family meant doing laundry every Saturday. Two big iron bowls and huge amounts of laundry for more than eight people. This is something I got used to , at first I was just helping my mother out but as time went on , I just became obsessed with doing laundry 

So all my laundry experience was hand wash until I got to University. I saw a washing machine and a dryer for the very first time !!!

But, I still didn’t use it for a while. I did all my laundry by hand until I realized how good a dryer was in cleaning the fluffy stuff on my clothes. Once I did , I used the dryer on some of my clothes. Either than that , I dried my clothes on the alternative wire inside the laundry room. For the 3 years at university I used only sunlight bar soap πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

I have since learned that I have too many rules. I love doing laundry in a specific way. So allowing my helper to step in for four years, was a moment to teach myself to let go, plus I needed the help. If I wanted to stay sober in some areas of my life, I had to learn to let go of perfection in most areas. And that one area is laundry 

So for four years,  I have been receiving help from my helper. Regardless of the manner with which it is done , I learned to understand that nobody is going to die for less than whiter tops and shirts. It gave me time and space to focus on building our family and raising our kids. Also to try find tools to cope with being a mother and a student at the same time

Working in a factory environment also helped in a sense that I was wearing more casual clothes than formal. Our hearts really focused on the kids more than anything else. We told our helper and made it clear that the priority was our kids and not the clean house and laundry 

So the past three weeks without our helper and my kids visiting reminded me how much I loved doing laundry. I took the challenge on and washed all our clothes. Funny how KG noticed the change in color of my gown for example which had turned grey from white
I have also learned that I am not very comfortable with saying to my helper don’t do it this way etc, at some point I neeeded to weight what matters most and at the time having my kids in a clean and safe environment was okay and enough 

Our last born is now 22 months , independent and I believe that our helper can have some ample time in her hands . Whether or not I’m ready to do the conversation at that level is another story 

For now though I realize that I have a little bit of anxiety to do the laundry. It could be the fact that I want to bring some normal back to my life , it could also be the fact that I am pure traditionalist but also it could be because I have lost most of the baby weight, putting effort in how I look, buying a little more pricey clothes and I’d like for these to last me a little bit longer
Taking care of your clothes determines how long they last you

If I’m going to invest in my wardrobe I need the right methods of taking care of them

I have openly declared that when our helper comes back , I will continue to do the laundry and she can do the ironing 
We will see how that goes

I am glad I practiced letting go for four years and I admire myself for doing that


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