I did my best !!!

The results are out

And I am grateful 

It could have been worse

So to be with two passed a fail a supplement is a humongous achievement 

I too must learn to say, well done to me, I did my best, I got the knowledge I just couldn’t apply it

Failure is not a reflection of my intellect, it was tough but I did well

If I am not kind to me who will

If I don’t understand my strengths and shortcomings who will

If I don’t stand and fight for myself who will

I will graduate, eventually, right now I face shortcomings and it’s okay

One step taken is better than none

I’m so glad that I have separated myself from the value I placed on this degree. I am bigger than that, I study to show myself approved nothing else ✅

I am not my degree 

I am a child of a most high God

I have to find strength within myself 

Dear degree God is my source of happiness success and IT all

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