In between 

Having given birth to two beautiful babies, I find myself in between shoe sizes 

I have been a size six for the most part of my adult life and suddenly in my first pregnancy I moved to size seven and in my second pregnancy I moved to size eight

My youngest baby is now 19 months old and I am still in between show sizes

I have lost 18 kg since and I am now between size 6 and 7

Size 6 is too tight on most of the shoes and size 7 is too lose. My struggle has been to find a size 6.1/2

I have learned that in my life there will be a lot of in betweens, it is part of life. 

So I’m learning not to dwell on finding the perfect fit , but sometimes I will have to find the tools that will make the adjustment comfortable, I have also clarified that this process is far from defining it as settling for less 

In order to move on and enjoy my shoes, I have discovered creative tools that make the size 7 be the perfect fit and I am happy with them 

These padding for inner sole and back are the best thing ever 

And so here’s to being in between shoe sizes 👠 

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