Do the work

I love this line that I picked from Iyanla Vanzant 

Watching an episode from Oprah show how she was not ready for the blessing …. I recall how Oprah kept saying but how come , you are the only person I ever gave to run the show, the only person in the entire world…. to which Iyanla replies….. I didn’t know that that’s what was happening…. I wasn’t ready to receive 

So from the highest point of her love , having married the love of her love , owning a beautiful house….. all went away. As she always introduces her own show of Iyanla fix my life …. she says I did my work and now it’s your turn to do yours 

I fully understand this in context and I realize how important to do the work for every season of your life…. between birth and 17 my life was filled with challenges and I was hopeful and very faithful about the future…. I had done the work to keep the faith and believe 

Between 18 to 25 I created , I saw and I touched the vision the hope and manifestation of the my faith…. I did the work and it seemed I had it all figured out 

From 26 until now at 34 , it’s Phase 3 of my chapter….. it’s marriage , motherhood, grief and sorrow, it’s career changes, its parent illness and care it’s pressures of life, its another level of growing up, its life at a different level and there’s a lot at stake….. I have to do the work
My my my my 

So this evening , I believe that it is not a coincidence that I have been led to this book

Originals by Adam Grant ….. I have my shovels on , the spade and my fork is ready 

Let’s get to work

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