How has that been going ????

I believe that God answers my prayers

One way I know that is how by reading through a blog , an article, the word, I find my answer, I get direction to know what I am supposed to do and once in a while how to do it

So I am always open to receiving and I have the assurance that frustrattions don’t last forever. TD Jakes once preached a message that your greatest frustration is your biggest ministry. Lessons that bring us to our knees are the ones we are called to teach on, how else can I touch the world if I’m not authenticated in the process myself 

One person that is ministering to me is Iyanla. There is this statement she puts across when doing her work on her show, she asks , how has that been going for you ? And usually whatever the person was doing in response to their situation hasn’t been helping , which is why they end up on her show after all 

So lately this question pops up everywhere, especially when I’m trying to avoid the difficult conversations , the difficult situations which require vulnerability and all….. the small voice will whisper …. how is that going so far ??? This is how I know I’m being called to a higher ground

I’m being called to a higher ground at my work place , in my friendships and my marriage

What is it that I have been doing and hasn’t been working …. so am I going to stick to it knowing the bad outcomes it has or am I willing to change and open myself up for growth and miracles ???

 I believe a wise men once said a fool is someone who does the same thing over and over yet expecting different results….

How has that being going for you and are you willing to do all that is necessary to change it ….. or at least try???

This is my journey of discovery 

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