The difficult conversations 

I have learned that part of growing is learning to have difficult conversations.

I know that part of my breakthrough here will require such conversations. I become so anxious and concerned but the minute I identify what my intention is then I become at peace

I think I have been denying my colleagues feedback that could add value to their leadership process.  I have observed how too many of them have won arguments and conversations but lost people in the process. 

These mistakes are so common and can either make or break a leader. In my environment it is breaking the communication and it is building a very cold wall between managers and staff

The only thing I’m struggling with is , will they receive, is it in my position to do this . Seeing that I too am adjusting to this environment I wouldn’t want to be seen as someone who thinks they know it all

My intention to help build , help the manager see his / her shortcomings with the hope that they will learn and find better ways to communicate

If I put the entity’s best interest at heart and I articulate myself clearly I might just get the breakthrough 

I’m also wondering if I shouldn’t rather write it down and present it 🤷🏿‍♀️

Wheeew I don’t know

My intention is good , it is the how that I’m afraid of 

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