Test of liberation

So I have this funny yet very important story of how I tested myself that I am now liberated , maybe more how I knew I was liberated than testing 

Testing would have been more intentional in this case I wasn’t going about doing that

We took a family weekend vacation and like always the kids always want to go for a swim. By the swimming pool , a white family came by and as always kids started playing and talking to one another 

I noticed the communication barrier and I said to myself owh this kid doesn’t know how to speak SePedi ….. there my lightbulb came on …. I am free 

I own my language I own my space I don’t suffer from low self esteem I don’t think my kids have to speak English to be validated

I did however change the language to English in order to forge relationships but I was impressed that my mind was free

Look the language barrier is a serious issue and the next line sounds like what Trevor Noah would say. If there are more IsiZulu and Afrikaans speaking people in SA        as per Stats SA , Then it makes sense that if you want to forge relationships across it would help you to learn both languages whilst obviously knowing English as a global means of communication 

Do I expect a white child who lives in South Africa to speak at least two or three of the South African languages …yes 😊😊😊

There’s power in building relationships and language is an important factor towards that

Something that as a society we prioritize on. 

For me if I can relate I can influence and if I can influence you I can LEAD you

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