My date of birth

I was born during the South Africa’s apartheid years, and so it was common that each child born has a middle name in a language either than that of his/her own. My middle name is Audry, without an “e”. I think the “e” was left out in error by the Magistrate Court on the time of my registration. I never got to know how I was given this name. But the meaning behind my middle name is beautiful; it says “the one of noble character”. Now I know so many people have very strange middle names, so I am grateful for mine, whilst circumstances forced my parents to give me a middle name, I am grateful for mine, and I take ownership of it and it represents the times and history of what our nation has gone through.

I have a first surname Dlamini; I was raised by this surname until in 1992 I learned that we are Sibanyoni’ s. Dlamini is my dad’s step father who raised him and his siblings. I would later change the Dlamini surname in 2005 to Sibanyoni.

I am Malatji because I am married to a Malatji. I do not keep a double barrel surname for obvious reasons; the surnames are just too long. I figured it would take me too long to write my surname, plus the traditionalist in me has no objection to fully changing my surname to that of my husband. I do however miss using my own surname, nothing wrong with that.

I enjoyed being a guest in Swaziland and being treated like royalty because of my surname that was some experience J

And so because of so many names, I own a few documents with these various names. My matric certificate is in Dlamini and Audry has an “e”, I have no idea how it got there, could it be that someone thought they were correcting an error? My National Diploma is Sibanyoni and my ID is Malatji.

And so my new name is Nomusa Audry Malatji

I celebrate my birthday on the 28 April and this is what is on my ID, my matric certificate has 28 March, again, I have no idea what happened there. All I know is I could have been registered as a March baby in order to give me an early school entrance. Which is confusing because the cut off was June, so either way I would have qualified. I grew up celebrating my birthday on the 7th May, how I got to choose the number was because I love 5 the number of grace, 7 the number of completion and I just went for it! Later on I learned that my elder sibling has the same birth date, confusion set in but I continued with the date. Then at university all the boys who liked me went all out to find out my date of birth, and I used to get cute gifts and nice surprises on the 28th date. I wouldn’t tell them about the 7th and I let them be on the 28th April. I kept celebrating on this day up until 2009 maybe, then for simplicity I stuck with 28 April. I have two siblings who celebrate their birth dates on the same date….don’t ask me, name angazi

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