Living , not procrastinating 

I believe the majority of the people including myself at times suffer from the challenge of putting things off

I have identified a few areas in my life and also the reasons why I do this sometimes

You know I’m not yet at the level of lifestyle where I long to be , so a lot of the things I do and commit to always have that thought in mind…. the thought that this is not my destination or this is temporarily. The danger about this thought is I then put off certain things because I’m waiting for the desired time and moment to come ……. and this is the biggest stealer of all times 🤷🏿‍♀️

For example, the fact that I am not yet living in my ideal house and location means that I will not fully partake in the matters affecting the community around me because I might just wake up tomorrow and be gone to a new location….. I might not fully express myself to the many service providers around my space because I’m leaving “soon” , sometimes these may dangerously include the Creche my child goes to , the grocery shop , the salon , the mall , complex I shop from, the caretaker of our complex…. the list goes on …. does this sounds familiar ?😂😂😂

I realized this type of pattern of thinking and I saw that I’m denying myself and my community an opportunity to grow and impact lives

So I decided firstly to get myself and my family the library access cards. Since getting knowledge is one part of my vision board , I’d like to also use the space as a way of connecting with my family outside familiar environment. I’m happy that I have implemented and am waiting for the membership cards.

Truth is I don’t know how long we are going to be here so for now all I must do is to live to the fullest extent and capacity of my environment. My first stop was the library and I am happy about it.

I have identified  where I can best serve my community by giving my textbooks that I no longer use , I have a few recommendations that I’d like to make to the City of Johannesburg and I think membership is a sign of commitment towards that.

I would definitely like to be in a revamped and nicer looking and feeling library and I’m curious about the process the City takes towards that.

I try by all means to ask the Creche where my daughter goes to and offer myself for whatever need there may be not that the offer has been taken yet, but it’s great to have that conversation with the principal and teachers so that they know that we are in this thing of building this community together. This is important to me because I’d like to think that if I were the school principal I would like to feel the partnership and the care of the parents to their children’s development

My greatest courageous lesson today came from the salon. I have been using the same salon for four years and have never lodged a complain or praise with the owner. I always speak to the stylists and the rest of the staff but never anyone outside that. So after my stylist realized that the hairpiece he was using was depleted and there was nothing in stock , I decided to take matters to a higher level. I asked for the owners number and called her immediately, I also advised her that the issue of running out has been consistent for the past 5 months. To cut the long story short, stock was brought in and I got a fifty percent discount on my bill which was a big deal for me 👍🏾👍🏾

I realized that when I don’t express myself , I deny the business owner an opportunity to learn and grow from her mistakes. So I am making a commitment to speak up in and around my community and service providers and give constructive criticism where necessary. I might just save a business and build a better community

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