If I don’t who will

Challenging the status quo was a sentence my mentor used as he interviewed me in the boardroom of the 10th floor Sandton Office Towers many many years ago. From that interview that turned into a conversation I knew what his priorities were and I could tell the type of leadership I would be under. And I was elated!

I did not even know that this is how I could describe myself, but as time goes by I realise that I have an above average level of curiosity in the manner with which we do things.  My curiosity goes way back to my days as a child and I have many blogs that I will post about that later.

Right now I am asking myself this question on a daily basis, if I don’t challenge the status quo, who will? If I don’t rise up, stand out and speak up who will? I have fallen in love with the statement that says “I am the one that I have been waiting for” I love this statement because, one it says I am the one responsible to get things done, to bring solutions to think creatively and find alternative ways of doing things, secondly it says well, if I was waiting for someone else to come rescue me guess what, nobody is coming. So quit waiting because I have the solutions within me, right now to do and get whatever it is that I so desire. I think this is one of the many powerful statements ever said.

I am curious about the challenges within my environment, the apartheid legacy that this gigantic entity has carried, the struggles of people with the language barrier and ability/ disability to relate to one another by either language, background, social, cultural and personal experiences.  I see how on a daily basis that adaptation to change and the need to realise that  we are a work in progress, my other favourite expression, is very key in everyone’s life.

My biggest curiosity about myself personally, is the challenge set on the table that people like me, who have 8 years of work experience in the private sector and a few years of exposure in the public service do not belong here

I am curious to know why my agencies said to me staying here for long is a career suicide

I am curious to know why a positive attitude, a desire to challenge the status quo with an intention of creating bigger impact to our communities  is deemed as being too ambitious

Who wrote the rule that thou shall not question a policy? Who said policies are not man made and cannot be changed?

Whilst everyone respects the NT, why anyone doesn’t asks questions and challenge NT to be relevant to the changing times and needs. Why doesn’t anyone ever lift their hand to be counted to put proposals on the table?

Whilst consistent is a key indicator for stability and all, but change is a very necessary element of this giant

It is South Africa’s largest employer after all, the country depends on it


If I don’t challenge the status quo, who will??


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