Growing in taking care of self

2017 has brought so many fantastic lessons for me

One that I am learning and growing through is self pampering

I’m usually not patient at a salon and in the past would not appreciate the process and time it takes for the stylist to wash my hair

In 2017 I decided to change that, instead of asking my stylist to go faster and leave the many times they want to wash , I now take the time to let the moment sink in . I take the head massage with great pleasure . Instead of counting the number of hours I spend at the salon and worrying about rushing back home to my girls , I realize now how important it is to teach myself that I need the moment alone with me. I didn’t have this need naturally and I am trying to practice it as a good student of many mothers who have walked this path.

Today I took pampering to a different level and I’m 😆. I tried shaping and doing a tint to my eyebrows, I also gave my nails some love by doing a “gelish ” paint. This is so good , the paint survived my laundry and cooking of about three hours straight , I am quite impressed.

I haven’t mastered the art of using the pencil for my eyebrows, I’ll have to figure this out tomorrow.

KG was kind enough to get my make up kit from the mall. I use Bobbi Brown products for now and so far so good 😊 

Here’s to learning and growing through taking care of myself 😊😊😊

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